Interspire Email Marketer Installation Guide

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System Requirements
The easiest way to check that your server meets our software’s requirements is to upload our check_iem.php script to your server’s base website directory, and load it in your browser. If you see “NOT OK” in red on that page, please troubleshoot the issue with your webhost until everything says “OK” or “Unknown”.

Uploading Files
Download Email Marketer from the Client Area under the “Download Products” link. Unzip the Interspire Email Marketer package onto your local hard drive. Using an FTP program (such as Filezilla, which is free), login to your web server and upload the “emailmarketer” folder into your base website directory. This directory is commonly called ‘public_html’, ‘html’, ‘www’ or ‘website_html’. If you’re not sure what it is, your webhost will be able to tell you.

MySQL Database

Interspire Email Marketer makes use of a MySQL database to store your data. This
database must be created before you run the Interspire Email Marketer installation wizard. Your database
user account should also have full grant access (all privileges) to that database.
You will need the database connection details during the setup wizard.
Setting up your database may differ with your webhost and what software they use for your webhosting
control panel:
• If your webhost is running ‘cPanel’, read this guide
• If your webhost is running ‘Plesk’, read this guide.
• If your webhost uses a different website control panel, read this guide.

Setup Wizard
Interspire Email Marketer includes a simple one step installation process.
To start the setup wizard, navigate to the directory that you uploaded Interspire Email Marketer to, for
example: The Interspire Email Marketer setup wizard will appear. It
contains the following fields:
• License Key – Copy the license key from your Client Area and paste it here. If you have not yet generated it, you will see “Generate Key”. Copy the full “Application URL” field from the web-based install page, which will have the correct URL pre-filled, and generate your key to that URL.
• Application URL- This is the URL to your Interspire Email Marketer installation (not your main
website if this is in a sub folder)
• Email Address – This is the email that will be used for the super admin user that will be created,
also it will be the default contact email which can be changed later via your settings page.
• Password & Confirm Password – This will become the password for your admin user. The
username will be ‘admin’.
• Database Information – You will need your database username, password, database name and
host (usually ‘localhost’, though this may vary with some hosts).
• Send Server Configuration – This will send information about your server back to us. The data
sent will be basic information such as your PHP version, MySQL version, etc. No information
that can identify you or your website will be sent, it is completely anonymous. This will aid us in
future development to know what versions of PHP and MySQL we can support among other
Your Interspire Email Marketer configuration details will now be saved into the admin/includes/config.php
file. Your database tables will also been created.
Congratulations, you are now ready to login to the Interspire Email Marketer control panel!

Setting up Email Marketer

Now that you have successfully installed Email Marketer, here are some setup tips to get the best performance and reliability out of the software:

1. Enter your SMTP server details (Settings -> Email Settings) – if you do not have an SMTP server, I recommend speaking with your webhost or signing up for‘s mail relay service. The “default mail settings” are used primarily for diagnostics and testing and may end up resulting in partial sends or general poor deliverability.

2. Set up cron on your server (Settings -> Cron Settings) – your webhost should be able to help with setting a cron job on your server. Here are two guides that will help with that:
Setting up cron on Linux
Setting up Scheduled Tasks on Windows Server

3. Set up bounce processing (Settings -> Bounce Settings). Please see this extensive guide, which includes connection troubleshooting advice.

Setting these things up will help you get the best performance out of your Email Marketer.

Troubleshooting tips

If you are getting an error message about files/folders needing to have write permissions, you will need to adjust the permissions on your server. If you are using a Linux server, this can be done via FTP. Using FileZilla, navigate to the file and right click it. Choose “File Permissions” and set the permissions as follows:

Files, set to 646:

• /admin/includes/config.php
Note: Although it says 646, some webhosts may require 664 or 666 instead.

Folders, set to 757:
• /admin/temp/
• /admin/com/storage

Note: Although it says 757, some webhosts may require 775 or 777 instead.

If you have a Windows Server, write permissions will need to be added for the Windows user that PHP runs as to these files/folders. Please contact your webhost for assistance with that.

If you have any issues, and you have already run check_iem.php to ensure that your server meets our software’s requirements, please open a support ticket from your client area.

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