How to enable CAPTCHA in your OpenCart store

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If you get lots of spam messages from your OpenCart store contact form, or you have lots of fake customers registering everyday, you should start using CAPTCHA codes to avoid all the bots. Starting from version v2.1.0.1 OpenCart has two different CAPTCHA modules integrated which you can start using in just couple of minutes. Here you’ll find a tutorial how to enable OpenCart CAPTCHA. How to enable OpenCart CAPTCHA CAPTCHA fields can be added to all the default OpenCart forms: Customer registration formContact Us pageProduct reviewsReturns page form There are two versions of CAPTCHA in OpenCart – a basic version (where customer has to enter letters and numbers he/she sees in the picture) and Google reCAPTCHA version. It adds “I’m not a robot” field to OpenCart forms: Both CAPTCHA modules can be…
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Raid Calculations

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The only redundant storage technique available that uses 3 drives is called RAID-5. This storage array allows one drive in your system to fail, while still retaining all of your data. The basic math behind Raid-5 is (# of Drives * GB per drive) – ( GB per one Drive) Raid can only use the maximum disk space for the smallest drive you have. In your case, a typical 3TB drive is 2794 GB. This plugged into the equation gives: (3 * 2794) – (2794) = 5588 GB of usable storage. (5.58 TB) Your 5TB drive will essentially waste it's extra 2TB and be used as a 3TB drive.
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