Software Development

We have many years of custom software development experience on various platforms and codebases. We can fix or update existing programs you have the code for, or write completely new custom applications.

We are also heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space and have done quite a bit of crypto development since 2017.

Here are a few of the programming languages we have experience in: C#, C++, Visual Basic, Javascript, Node.js, HTML, PHP as well as others. We also have extensive experience with cloud infrastructure across Azure, AWS, and GCP.

Here are a few example of past project types:

  • Technician job management/tracking system.
  • Custom Inventory Applications.
  • Cryptocurrency Coins - New chain(full utxo based coin/clone).
  • ERC20 Tokens.
  • Solana Tokens.
  • Custom Bots for chat and or Automating systems.
  • Mining Pool Development and Management.
  • Automation system for delivering digital goods upon completion Web/Ebay orders.

This just touches on a few things and we can develop whatever you can envision or need, just get in touch with us today and let us know what you're looking for!