Cyber Security

Offense Informs Defense

Unauthorized access to your company resources using existing and new vulnerabilities is a serious security concern. Verifying that new and existing applications, networks, and systems are not vulnerable to a security risk is key to addressing these vulnerabilities before they can be utilized by unauthorized users. Vulnerability assessments are a ‚Äúlight touch‚ÄĚ evaluation to identify gaps and vulnerabilities within your network. Penetration testing provides the deeper testing required to identify how attackers could gain access to your environment and use your compromised systems as a base pivot deeper into your network.

Our Ethical Hacking Team works with your team to review your current policies and infrastructure to determine what type(s) of penetration tests will give you the best information to protect your critical info. We bridge the gaps left by a products-only approach or a strategy-only consultant, combining certified expert analysis with the best penetration testing tools available.

Identify Vulnerabilities

Reveal vulnerabilities an attacker could exploit to gain access to your environment and systems.


All penetration tests utilize latest Threat Intelligence from our cyber threat intelligence research team.

Boost Defenses

Arm yourself with customized and actionable recommendations and technical guidance for remediation.

Penetration Testing is the process of intentionally hacking and attacking your own network, web applications and organization, for the purpose of checking how secure your assets really are.
Attackers have no regard to your organization’s internal policies, the trustworthiness of your employees, or the expertise of your technical staff. Only one fact matters to them: are you vulnerable?
It is in 
YOUR organization‚Äôs best interest, economically, and for the sake of reputation, to answer that question before the attackers do.

Service Offerings

  • Black Box penetration testing (In a Black Box Penetration Test, We will simulate an attack against the IT infrastructure in the hopes of trying to find a vulnerability or weakness on which they latch onto. This type of test mimics a real-world attack scenario as we will not not know all the details of your IT infrastructure.)
  • Web Application Testing (Attacks can come from anywhere, and are increasingly the result of an outsider hacking your internet-connected accounts and systems. Our team will help you uncover critical vulnerabilities that make it possible for a hacker to compromise the application, exfiltrate data and pivot to other machines in your network or hosting environment.)
  • White Box Penetration Testing (In a White Box Penetration Test, the our team is provided knowledge of and access to the organization. Because of this, a White Box Test can be accomplished in a much quicker time frame when compared to a Black Box Test, and is typically a much more thorough test.)
  • Red Team (Red Team testing is the ultimate test of your organizations security. Confront all your security assumptions with our comprehensive red team engagement, where our experienced hackers try to breach your physical and cyber security defenses. Our offensive security experts will attempt to breach every layer of your organization‚Äôs security to find weakness, exploit vulnerabilities, and achieve our pre-agreed objectives.)
  • Physical network security penetration testing
  • Wireless network penetration testing
  • Router/endpoint security, remote monitoring and management

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