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Computer Repair, Building, and Consulting¬†‚Äď Twice the Service, Half the Price! Compared to other companies.¬†If I say I fixed the problem and the same problem comes back; then, any further labor is free. Check out our testimonials by¬†clicking here

In addition to our computer repair services, we also offer computer purchase consulting to ensure that you buy the best possible computer at the best possible price.¬†Email us for details:¬†[email protected]

For an explanation of¬†services¬†please see the table below or call us at¬†(360) 389-3776¬†or Email:¬†[email protected]

I usually require that the devices be brought to me due to the fact that I have all of my tools here. We can also meet somewhere midpoint for you to drop off the device(s). But if you are a business or are unable to bring me your device I will come to you, but depending on how far I have to go I may tack on a $0.18/per mile gas fee if it is more than twenty miles from my home office.

Other services:
Smartphone/Tablet repair
Wired/Wireless Networking
Website Design & Web and Email Hosting (Interbiznw works with and Highly Recommends the following local Northwest-based Web Hosting Company for any Web, email, and VPS hosting needs )

Discounted Price:

  • Quote‚Äď Free
  • Hardware Install‚Äď (hourly rate, 1hr minimum)
  • Laptop or AIO PC Screen Replacement¬† – ~$100-150 depending on complexity of teardown to replace.(that price does not include actual screen itself, you buy or we can source)
  • Software install/repair‚Äď (hourly rate, 1hr minimum)
  • Virus Diagnosis/Removal‚Äď (hourly rate, 1hr minimum)
  • Wireless Network Setup‚Äď (hourly rate, 1hr minimum)
  • Data Diagnosis/Recovery(specific files/data)‚Äď $60-$80
  • Computer Recovery/Restore(save files) – (hourly rate, 2 hr minimum)
  • Computer Tune-up‚Äď (hourly rate, 1hr minimum)
  • Security & Performance‚Äď (hourly rate, 1hr minimum)
  • Password Recovery/Reset Administrator password(forgot
  • windows password)¬†‚Äď $ 20
  • Shop Rate(if you bring it to us)¬†‚Äď $60/hr
  • Website design¬†‚Äď $ Price depends on the design and extent of the website wanted.

Quote: Assess the problem with your computer and decide on a fair and reasonable price to fix the issue.
Hardware Install: Install hardware (printer, video card, memory, etc) and accompanied software/drivers.
Software install/repair: Fully install/repair any piece of software.
Virus Diagnosis and Removal: Find and eliminate all Viruses on your computer.
Wireless Network Setup: Install Router, modem, secure network, and configure PC/devices.
Data Diagnosis/Recovery: Find and recover missing/deleted data on an HDD.
Computer Tune-up: Speed up your computer by optimizing/configuring settings and eliminating unnecessary services/programs.
Security & Performance: Computer Tune-up with added firewall and anti-virus/spyware/malware installation & configuration.
Password Recovery/RESET: We will reset your Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, win 7 administrator password, or any other forgotten/lost password so you can access your computer again.
Shop Rate: General Labor rate used for work done outside of the scope of services offered/quoted.
Website design: we will build you a custom website, designed to your specifications. Please call or email for a consultation and free quote on your future website

For a Quote or any Questions, Please call us at¬†(360) 389-3776¬†or email:¬†[email protected]

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I brought my laptop to Jamie because it wasn’t working really at all, just had a black screen. He messaged me the next day saying it has bad memory and corrupted data. He sent me a link on what to buy and received the new parts and he installed them and my laptop has been working perfectly since. And it’s been over 3 months! Fairly priced and very fast and awesome at his work!
Dylan Hampton, Bellingham Washington

My laptop was hit with a virus that would not allow me to use my computer pretty much at all. I did not back up data and had a lot of work and personal information that was important to retrieve. I called many chain and big computer stores about my problem and they didn’t take a whole lot of time with me except to explain the huge charges I would be paying. I found Interbiznw on Craigslist and emailed him my issues. I rec’d an email back that day (just a few hours after) with detailed explanations of what it could be and how he can fix it. He had my computer for only one day and not only did he retrieve all my data (which was a huge relief) he removed the virus and my computer works better than ever. He also suggested alternative programs and suggestions so this wouldn’t happen again. The price was more than fair (much cheaper than I was being quoted) and the service was even better. Jamie went out of his way to help me – I will go back to him first with any computer issue/question and have told family/friends to do the same.
Tyson M, Ferndale, WA