Intex Pool Horizontal Pole Repair

intex pool repair – Fix your horizontal poles with these custom fit sleeves.

Here is a video of the finished product after repair

We had to repair our 15 Ft x 48″ tall Intex pool after 2 years of normal use due to rusting of the horizontal poles. I have identified the problem starting with the thin wall metal poles used by Intex and the fact that they are a loose fit which results in metal on metal contact. When the pool rocks back and forth from people in the water the metal on metal scrapes the paint away resulting in continuing wet conditions on bare metal. After inspection of the poles after taking the pool down to re level the legs and ground we found over the 2 years the poles rusted holes completely through on the bottom of the horizontal poles where they go into the t-connector that hooks to the vertical legs.

Here is some pics of the sleeves I designed (patent pending) and used to firm up the horizontal pole to t-adapter fit, and also eliminates the metal on metal contact. The plastic sleeve goes between the horizontal poles and t-adapters thus creating a tighter fit.

If you would like to purchase these sleeves to repair your pool contact us!

intex pool repair

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