Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Disassembly

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blender – Model BL201

We have had our Ninja Kitchen System Pulse blender Model: BL201 for some years now, over time there has been a build up of things that may have leaked from the blender container or single serving blending cups. That residue has got into cracks where you cannot readily clean and is making it rather hard for the switches to engage that turn on the blender when the cup is in the right position.

This normally would result in the blender no longer working and someone getting rid of it, for me on the other hand I look how I can tear it apart and clean/fix the issue. This one was a rather oddball as first thing I did was search online for “Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Disassembly” and there were NO RESULTS for this exact blender. There were similar ones but none of them shared the components that had to be removed to be able to actually get the unit apart.

So the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse blender is a more compact unit that comes with a large blending container and 2 small smoothie sized single serve cups that have their own blender attachment lid. Where they attach there is the wheel/gear thing that makes the blades spin AFTER the cup/container are locked in place and activate the switches.

When attempting to take it apart the first thing I ran into was the fact the four screws on the bottom to take the outer case apart were fairly deep inside narrow passages. You need a very long phillips #2 screwdriver to get down inside there and actually remove the screws. All good right? OH WAIT… They decided one of the 4 screws should be a security bit! So I had to get some really long bits, without being able to really see the screw and get one that would work to even get it apart. Now to save you the trouble, here is a link for the item I purchased that had several long bits that were long enough to get down inside and reach the screw. The bit that worked was the _______________(will add when I check).

Once I got all the screws out, I ran into another issue… I could not separate the insides where the motor was, from the top unit of plastic. Which this was my whole intent of getting it apart so I could easily get this part wet, and clean everything up like new without getting water near the electronics/switches/motor. I will show how to disassemble this Ninja Kitchen System Pulse blender in the video that is coming soon!

Video and how-to writeup coming soon…

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