How to run xmrig-proxy as a service

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Create a systemd service unit for it. See the examples on the man page. The simplest example shows how easy it can be to create a service unit: [Unit] Description=Xmrigproxy [Service] User=ubuntu Group=ubuntu ExecStart=/home/ubuntu/xmrig-proxy-5.5.1/xmrig-proxy-notls Restart=always [Install] Alias=xmrigproxy.service Store this unit under /etc/systemd/system/xmrigproxy.service, then reload systemd to read this unit file with: $ sudo systemctl daemon-reload Start the service with: $ sudo systemctl start xmrigproxy.service And enable it during startup with: $ sudo systemctl enable xmrigproxy.service You can check the status of the service with: $ systemctl status xmrigproxy.service View the output of the program by using: $ journalctl -u xmrigproxy.service -f
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