Removing Duplicate E-mail Messages From A Mailbox

Linux, SysAdmin, Technical
Occasionally your mail delivery scheme might hiccup, leaving you with duplicate copies of email messages sitting in your mailboxes. I find this happens occasionally if something goes wrong with fetchmail - you kill the fetchmail process before it has expunged the deleted email from the remote POP3 server, so the next time you run fetchmail it downloads a second copy of each email. This is a simple process that I came up with to remove duplicate email messages from a maildir format mailbox. As a bit of background, a maildir mailbox is a small directory tree: $ du .boxes.xml-dev 4 .boxes.xml-dev/tmp 124 .boxes.xml-dev/new 52340 .boxes.xml-dev/cur 52920 .boxes.xml-dev $ Hierarchy is represented by components of the mailbox name separated by dots, so the mailbox above is called xml-dev and it is in the boxes mailbox. Messages are files in…
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Whatcom County, WA Scanner Info

Whatcom Scanner
Lingo LE – Law enforcement AOB – Alcohol on Breath ATL – Attempt to Locate BBL – Birch-Bay Lynden Rd CAD or “Screen” – Computer Aided Dispatch (in-car computers) MVA – Motor Vehicle Accident RP – Reporting Party MP – Mile Post NB or SB- Northbound, Southbound DV – Domestic Violence VD – Verbal Domestic DOA – Dead on Arrival RO – Registered Owner DOL – Dept of licensing PSE – Puget Sound Energy MRAP – Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (Vehicle) BearCat – Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck Title 69 issues – Usually related to Drugs, reference is to Title RCW 69 481 issues – Mental Health related 301 – DUI related Flagged CPL – Has concealed pistol license “Cold Report” – incident that occurred hours, days or…
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Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1500 not staying connected

Electronics, SysAdmin, Technical
Fujitsu ix1500 does not stay connected to Windows 10 Computers. So far the only thing that seems to work to get them to re-connect is a reboot, not exactly a great solution in most of my user's cases. Have tried all known troubleshooting, even some pretty far out there stuff. OK, so the issue was... drum roll please... Another Imaging device had been taking over the Scanner, my main suspect was an HP printer with scan function, once I had disabled the drivers for the other imaging units (that were not needed) it started working perfectly again. I appreciate the responses. So to be clear, the solution was Device Manager>imaging devices>disable all other devices
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How to run xmrig-proxy as a service

Crypto, Linux, SysAdmin, Technical
Create a systemd service unit for it. See the examples on the man page. The simplest example shows how easy it can be to create a service unit: [Unit] Description=Xmrigproxy [Service] User=ubuntu Group=ubuntu ExecStart=/home/ubuntu/xmrig-proxy-5.5.1/xmrig-proxy-notls Restart=always [Install] Alias=xmrigproxy.service Store this unit under /etc/systemd/system/xmrigproxy.service, then reload systemd to read this unit file with: $ sudo systemctl daemon-reload Start the service with: $ sudo systemctl start xmrigproxy.service And enable it during startup with: $ sudo systemctl enable xmrigproxy.service You can check the status of the service with: $ systemctl status xmrigproxy.service View the output of the program by using: $ journalctl -u xmrigproxy.service -f
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